Here are some videos to show you how it is fun and exciting to learn with us! :)

Storyteller: Magic Show 


In this video, Jocelyn & Sze Long (@ 5 years old) are showing us their magician side. Do you believe in magic? 

Smart Learner: Phonics 


Near the end of our Smart Learner, we asked our student if he remembered all the phonics sound that was taught. Well, did he? :) 

Achiever: Let It Go (Cover)


While Frozen has became the favourite movie to our student. We decided to teach them the song and did a cover with these 3 girls :)

Explorer: Matching Letter 


In this video, Nathan (@ 2.2 years old) is matching the first letter of our vocabulary all by himslf! What a good job!! 

Pathfinder: I tickle a cat. 


In this video, our student Hui Ching (@ 2.5 years old) is reading and picking up all the words to make a sentence.

Smart Learner: English Time!


In this video, our 3 students (@ 2.1 years old) were attending the class alone and doing a great job in class!

Exceller: My Ideal Cat



In this video, Jocelyn (@4 years old) describes her ideal pet: Lovely Cat. What about Lovely Cat? Let's find out!

Exceller: Greeting each other



In this video, you will see how our exceller students (@ 4 - 5 years old) greets each other with questions and answering fluently.

Can we play with dangerous items?


In this video, our student Emma tells you what we should and should not play with. Let's find out!

Happy Seeker: Catch the Firetruck!


In this video, our student Lyra (4 months) shows you how she can catch a moving firetruck. 

Summer Experiment: Egg Bubbles


In this video, you will see the result our students got from this science experiment we conducted during our summer camp. 

Summer Camp: Fashion Show



In this video, our students tried cat walk for the first time and was beautifully dressed up. It was an awesome experience for them!